UPenn MEAM Department Seminar Now on YouTube


I captured my department seminar using ScreenFlow along with my iPhone in my shirt pocket to get the audio. After syncing the audio in ScreenFlow, I posted the talk on YouTube. Let me know what you think!

Nicholas M Schneider
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania 

“In Situ Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy with the NanoAquarium: A Study in Electrochemistry and Radiation Chemistry”
Advisor: Dr. Haim Bau

The advent of Electron Microscopy has fostered major advances in a broad spectrum of disciplines. The required vacuum of standard electron microscopy precludes imaging of process and objects suspended in liquid media. Many important processes, such as the potentially catastrophic formation of dendrites during battery cycling, take place in liquid systems. The recent development of liquid cells like the NanoAquarium overcomes this limitation, enabling imaging of temporally evolving processes in liquid systems with nanoscale resolution. I will describe the use of the NanoAquarium to investigate the morphological evolution of the electrode-electrolyte interface during electroplating and stripping of electrodes, nanoparticle growth and assembly, and the fundamentals of beam-irradiated medium interactions (Radiation Chemistry). The results of my work are applicable to battery technology and to nanomanufacturing.

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Nicholas M Schneider

Nicholas M Schneider is a 2010 graduate from the Kate Gleason College of Engineering who is now a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from an obscure town south of Buffalo, New York, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he received concurrent Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. While there he had a number of Co-ops including a six month stay as a Design Engineer at Lockheed Martin and Research positions with Dr. Satish Kandlikar. Nicholas currently works with Dr. Haim H Bau in the field dubbed “in situ electron microscopy of liquid systems” where he studies applications in energy and biological systems. Outside of the lab, Nicholas Schneider is a Graduate Associate in Rodin College House and enjoys running (he ran his second Philly Marathon this past November), cooking, baking, reading, and justifying his coffee addiction by making it a hobby.